Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crew's Birthday Weekend

We kicked off the birthday celebrations on Thursday in Crew's kindergarten class. I took in doughnuts, Crew was crowned the King of the day and the class sang to him. For dinner I made Crew's favorite,  sweet and sour chicken with rice, he opened gifts and we ate chocolate and key lime pie. 

Friday his grandma Belnap come into town and Saturday he had a birthday party with friends.
 Angry Birds was the party theme that Crew picked. We gave all the boys their own sling shots and used paint balls to attack the pigs.

Finley was a force. She shot better than most of the boys.

Here is this year's Q & A's from Crew

Where did you come from: Heaven
Who is your best friend: Finley & Gunnar
What is your favorite cereal: Rice Krispies
Favorite color: Dark Green
Favorite toy: Legos
Who would win in a fight between Spiderman or Superman: Superman, because he's stronger.
Favorite Song: Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter
Favorite food: Sweet & Sour Chicken
Favorite animal: Cheeta
What do you want for Christmas: Air Hogs Battle Tracker
Favorite show: Spongebob
Favorite thing to do with dad: Go to the movie theater to see movies.
Favorite thing to do with mom: Run errands with her.


emma nelson said...

Happy Birthday are so grown up now...Wow! Finley..You are a great shot! Gunnar is darling...Growing up too fast too!

Glenda said...

Didn't we have a most fabulous weekend? Way too short.

laurel said...

Happy birthday Crew!!!! Late, but we mean it. You are so darling! Maylin says hi and she loves you too!