Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bruno Devin Belnap

My pregnancy with Bruno was everything BUT enjoyable or smooth. I was nauseous consistently for the entire duration and experienced fatigue and body aches and changes like I never could have anticipated. 
The last month of my pregnancy I tried everything imaginable to try and prepare my body for labor with hopes of even inducing labor from some of the techniques. 
Seriously, you name it, I did it.
I was dilated to a 4 at 39 weeks (this was huge for me, I never dilate on my own). 
My Dr wouldn't induce me until I was one week overdue. At 39 weeks and a couple days, I showed up at the hospital pretending my water had broken. That's how desperate I became. I was on my fourth child, dilated to a 4 and experiencing so much pressure I could hardly walk. They couldn't possibly send me home, right? 
I had to be in active labor or my water really had to be broken to be admitted. They sent me right home. This destroyed me. 
I let a couple more days pass and then I turned to my last option... 
Castor Oil 
I ignored the pleads of others who feared how sick it would make me and I was well aware of the side effects but I didn't care.
I threw the Castor Oil down, called Devin to have him come home and prepared for contractions to start. Three hours after I took the oil, while Devin had the kids at the park, my contractions started. Right off the bat they were super strong and every minute and a half apart. Thirty minutes into my contractions Devin came home, we called our babysitter and we were off to the hospital.
I am more than pleased to note that the Castor Oil successfully started my contractions and I did NOT have any other side effects. It was a miracle.
When I arrived at the hospital I was dilated to 5 1/2. Thrilled with the news that I was in active labor and dilating on my own, I decided to forgo the Epidural. A natural birth is something I had always wanted to experience but never had the chance to with the others because I was always induced.
So for the next four hours I would lay in my hospital bed with my eyes closed, in complete concentration and meditation mode and prepared for Bruno's delivery one contraction at a time.

At 11:15pm on Friday, December 5, 2014 Bruno Devin Belnap was born.
He weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long.

He came quickly and painfully and was more amazing than we could have ever dreamed.

My Loves

Halloween 2014

Finley had Scarecrow Day at school

Crabbing 2014

It was Finley's first time crabbing and the trip did not disappoint. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

1st Day of School

Crew's first day of 2nd grade 
Finley's first day of Kindergarten

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Friday, September 12, 2014


We got a DOG! 
The kids had been begging us for years for a dog.
We finally decided that the timing was right and the search began to find the perfect one to join our family. Our friends happened to be giving away their 6 month old bulldog/boxer and thats when we decided to adopt her into our family. The kids named her Peanut and she has been a great dog.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy 30th Dev

We celebrated Devin's 30th Birthday all week long with surprise visits, lots of treats and a trip to Vegas.

It's a BOY!

We found out in February that we were being blessed with another baby.
Baby BOY Belnap is scheduled to arrive around December 1st.
We couldn't be more excited.

San Francisco

Dev and I took a weekend away in May, drove up to San Francisco, and explored the exciting city.